Cartell Vehicle Sensors

Cartell Vehicle Sensors by Alarm Service & MaintenanceDriveway security and home automation begin with Cartell at the end of your driveway. Cartell systems invisibly monitor your driveway so you're made aware a vehicle has entered your property long before it reaches your home, taking away the element of surprise from drive-up visitors.

When a vehicle drives up, our systems can turn on lights at night, alert you with sounders, trigger cameras and activate security, home automation, lighting, and landscape systems.

Our invisible free exit systems open your automatic gate so you and your visitors can leave without the use of pesky remotes or key fobs or fiddling with a keypad. And because our units offer the lowest stand-by current consumption in the industry, they enhance any solar gate application.

We've been doing this for over thirty-eight years; our products are feature-rich and made in the U.S.; and we have the best warranty in our industry.

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