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Intellisense from Alarm Service & MaintenanceFirst Line of Defence Glassbreak Detectors by IntelliSense

IntelliSense company founded in early 1990’s as part of C&K Systems. The IntelliSense brand now represents this vast collection of talent and experience. Remember when security systems consisted of relay control panels, one primary loop, a contact on every door and foil on every window? The use of foil was a standard practice (even an art); it provided perimeter protection and a visible deterrent

Fast forward to the 1990’s and the proliferation of ZERO down systems that consisted of 2 doors and motion… FULL perimeter protection was not part of the business plan.

Let’s not overlook the obvious statement about even the BEST motion detectors – the intruder has to be INSIDE for the system to react!

Now that we are seeing a return to more traditional installations, the timing could not be more perfect for using FlexGuard glassbreak detectors on every system!

Install FlexGuard glassbreak detectors on every system and provide detection BEFORE the intruder gets in – the FIRST LINE of DEFENCE!