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Video Surveillance / CCTV

Video Surveillance from Alarm Service & Maintenance Company

Video surveillance systems are used today in a overall security systems solution. Just the presence of a professionally installed video camera system by “Alarm Service & Maintenance Company” can act as a deterrent to potential criminals. Our Video surveillance systems provides real time monitoring of your business. Our Video surveillance systems can detect events as […]

Access Control

Access-Control from Alarm Service & Maintenance Company

“Alarm Service & Maintenance Company”can design an access control solution that is made specifically for your business. “Alarm Service & Maintenance Company” brings you the functionality you need with expandability for the future in securing access to your business. We provide a range of access card solutions that enable your employees and vendors to enter […]

Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm Systems from Alarm Service & Maintenance Company

Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels. With three sizes to choose from, the addressable series panels can handle your smallest through larger sized applications with ease of installation, programming and maintenance, reducing time it takes to get a system up and running. Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels Fire-Lite’s UL 9th Edition listed conventional fire alarm control […]

Commercial Security

Business Security from Alarm Service & Maintenance Company

Protecting your business is the most important thing you can do for your operation, and “Alarm Service & Maintenance Company” has the latest detection systems that give you a technological and people advantage. We use the most advanced solutions to fight intrusion and promote safety. Our security team is always searching for newer ways to […]

Home Security

Home Security from Alarm Service & Maintenance

Burglars are opportunists. They can strike at any time so you should have a Home Security System from “Alarm Service & Maintenance.” We keep your home and your family safe from these opportunists.   Did you know that our Home Security Systems also provide you with Fire and Medical assistance? What most people don’t realize […]